Over the years we have worked with agencies of all sizes and styles. We understand the hectic world of marketing and advertising and we have developed services specifically designed to adapt to short lead-times, changing needs, last minute requests and the occasional ‘sprint finish’.

Ark-H holds a Warehouse Distributor MHRA licence and subscribes to the British Pharmaceutical Industry Codes of Practice. We are proud to number some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and health care companies within our client portfolio.

With a long-history of providing services to retailers, whether major chains or small specialist outlets, it was a very easy step for us to adapt that to the on-line world. These days we can handle high-volume fulfilment for direct-to consumer on-line web-orders as we can easily provide retail replenishment and store refurbishment.

The high standards that we apply for our work in the pharmaceutical industry make us uniquely qualified to handle the full range of cosmetics and beauty products. The growth in this sector has even led us to create specialised storage solutions to cater for temperature controlled requirements.

Over the past few years ark-H has become the ‘go to’ fulfilment house for food fulfilment of on-line food retailers. Our extensive, ambient warehouses are scrupulously clean, offering an ideal location for the storage and fulfilment of packaged food product. In response to a growing market need we have developed special clean room facilities for food handling, all audited and accredited to FSA standards.
In addition, we have an alcohol licence, MHRA licences (appropriate for food supplements as well as medicines) and a large number of fully HACCP qualified staff. Crown that with our success in audits from organisations such as the Soil Association, Compass, Harrods and the US Food Distribution Agency, and it is easy to see why we are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to sell specialist foodstuffs, drinks or food supplements on line.

Fast-moving is a term we often apply to our services, so it is not surprising that our business model is a good match for organisations operating in the f.m.c.g. sector.
In a global market dominated by only about a dozen major companies we re proud to have worked for most of them.

Marketing and promotional activity has always been high in this sector. We understand the multi-channels needs of what is a fast-paced but still traditionally driven sector.
And our services have spanned the full range, from car-retailing, to petrol forecourts and F1 race-tracks.

We provide support for many of the world’s leading electrical and electronic manufacturers. We understand the different market requirements for white goods and small appliances, for high-tech gadgetry and electronic games. If this is your marketplace, we would be a good choice for you.

The increasingly controlled and regulated world of finance, whether in banking and investment or financial services comes as no surprise to us. We number amongst our clients Banks, Building Societies, Accountancy Firms, Financial Service Companies and Investment Houses.

The needs of our clients in the travel industry have changed markedly over recent years. The range of services we are able to offer have changed to meet those needs, with an increasing emphasis on on-line fulfilment.

Whether the requirement is to send out marketing support materials (brochures, prospectuses etc.) or to provide on-line services for student enrolment, Ark-H can readily meet the needs of the education sector and its public.

The specialist needs of public and 3rd sector organisations require a process driven service provision.
Our robust procedures, proven systems and rigorous attention to detail enables us to match those requirements exceptionally well.

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